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faith_dean's Journal

Faith and Dean . . . in the Same Place
Nowhere, USA
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There once was a Buffyverse fangirl who was force-fed Supernatural by someone who loved her very much. And she liked it all by itself, with the snark and the pretty and the Man Tears, and the brotherly love and Daddy issues and monsters ahoy. But it didn’t take long before a little voice in her head said, “Hmmmm, but what about Faith the Vampire Slayer? What if she was backseat driving in the Impala? And how would Mr. Dean Winchester react to her? Would there be sass and snark? Hot, hot sex in the Impala/motel rooms/up against walls?” Or you know, just talking. And kicking things. And saving the day.

Then she scoured the internets and discovered that there were like-minded others out there. That Faith/Dean was in fact a crossover OTP of doom.

Perhaps you are one of those people.

Things that belong here:

Fic. Fanart. Vids. Icons. Meta. Recs. Character studies.

Dean/Faith. Dean/Faith/Sam. Dean/Faith/Other. Fics with additional pairings/characters as well as Faith/Dean. Dean and Faith friendship/gen fic.
Posts that deal just with Faith solo or Dean solo (not in any other pairing, just by themselves).

Things that do not belong here:

Flames. Random squee/spam outside of discussion threads. (We're all for the squee, but just don't want to spam people's flists too much.) Character bashing of any sort. Anything remotely close to 'ship wars.

Note: Just because we ‘ship a het pairing in the slashiest fandom(s) since last Tuesday does not mean that we are anti-slash or take issue with people enjoying whatever floats their fictional boat. Please leave all homophobia and intolerance at home. Thanks.

We also do not have a problem with RPF/S; some of us even eat it up with spoons, or sporks when available. However, this is not the place for that.

Posting Rules:

1. You do not have to be a member of the comm to post or comment. But we'd love it if you joined anyway.

2. Label all content with proper headers and warnings: i.e. Title, Characters/Pairings (in addition to Dean/Faith), Summary, Rating, Disclaimer, Warnings (for sex, violence, character death, incest, Dean/other and Faith/other, etc.).

3. Indicate both what type of post you are making in the title line, and include titles and ratings for fic.
Example: Fic: “Dean and Faith are the Hot” – Rated NC17.
This will make things so much less of a hassle for us when we go to do the memories and then in turn it will be easier for you to find what you’re looking for here.

4. Put all fic, large images and essays behind an lj-cut. This goes for everything rated NC17 as well.

5. It is A-OK to use fake-cuts to link to outside posts but make sure that you also include a full header and subject line in your post here.

6. If you enjoy something posted here, comment! It'll not only make the poster's day, but will also encourage them to keep up with the Dean/Faith goodness. Which would be of the good.

7. If you have any concerns about whether something is appropriate for a top-level post, email femmenerd at femmenerd1@yahoo dot com.

Standard Disclaimer: We are unaffiliated with the production teams and large corporations that own the rights to the television shows Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All content here is produced not-for-profit.

Have fun, everyone!

+++We are listed at the spn_guidebook. Go there to find out about other Supernatural related LJ communities you might not have heard of yet!